Where We Stand

There are many religious groups today. Some happily call themselves "denominations." Some are named for people and some for systems are methods found in their teachings. We do not.

The churches of Christ, by using the Bible only, worship in the same manner as the first Christians. We are the church Jesus spoke of in Matthew 16:18 and the church begun in Acts 2. We are so serious about adhering to the word of God that even our name is taken from Scripture (Romans 16:16). The BIble teaches, and we believe, that truth can be known (John 8:32)

The Eastern Shore church of Christ is not a denomination and does not name itself for any common man. We belong to Christ. We are his people and we are his body. As such, we live and worship according to his teachings while renouncing the innovations brought by man.

We worship every Sunday. Members of the church partake of the Lord's supper every Sunday and members give financially to support the work of the local church. We do not expect guests to contribute. Our singing is vocal only. We do not use any mechanical instrument. Why not? Because the original Christians did not. Only singing was ever authorized to the church of the New Testament and that is where we stand. Our songs are led by men who bring a variety of songs and styles to our worship. All songs are Biblical and teach eternal truths.

We welcome you to our services and hope you will bring your entire family. Check us out, ask questions and discuss your needs with us. I'm sure you will find Eastern Shore to be the place for which you are searching.